Pankaj Parkar

Pankaj Parkar is a JavaScript enthusiast. He is always eager to learn and share knowledge amongst Community. He is a Microsoft MVP. Also he has expertise in Angular.

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Ketan Dhallu

Ketan Dhallu is a IT Professional with over 8yrs. of total experience in Web application development using technologies like Javascript,Jquery,NodeJS,MongoDB etc. He worked in few startups which had molded him to work independently. He is an Event organizer for these meetups @javascripters @Pune UX/UI Engineers @PuneJS @HTML5 Web/Mobile Development Meetup.

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Bhushan Pawar

Bhushan Pawar is a Front End Developer Expert. He specializes in professional application development with technologies, including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, Angular, Node JS, Responsive Web Application,Java and User experience. He has more than 6 years of experience developing web applications.

Uzair Shaikh

Uzair shaikh is a senior consultant at Systems Plus, with 9+ years of experience, he is having expertise in front-end technology and passionate to learn and share knowledge to community.

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