JavaScripters is an initiative committed to fostering collaboration among the front-end engineering community, providing a platform for the exchange of both fundamental and advanced JavaScript knowledge while fostering unity among all JavaScript enthusiasts. Our foundational belief is rooted in the principle that true empowerment arises from the sharing of knowledge rather than its hoarding. We facilitate a culture of mutual learning and collaboration, catering to individuals of all levels of expertise, from novices to seasoned professionals.

The JavaScripters community serves as a forum for frontend engineers to engage in the exchange of insights and perspectives. Our primary objective is to offer comprehensive services to frontend engineers seeking proficiency in JavaScript and associated technologies. We extend a cordial invitation to engineers in Pune and Mumbai initially, with intentions to expand our reach globally in due course.

Since its inception in April 2015, the JavaScripters community has experienced steady growth, steadfastly striving to cultivate a dynamic environment conducive to learning and knowledge sharing. What began as a modest initiative has evolved into a network of over 5000 passionate engineers. This remarkable expansion has been made possible through the commitment of 25 dedicated volunteers, 24 mentors, and a team of speakers steadfast in their dedication to realizing our community's objectives. We invite you to join us on this journey as we continue to empower and inspire JavaScript enthusiasts worldwide.