What JavaScripters community do?

We conduct technical discussion forums, sessions, workshops, training and knowledge sharing meet-ups around the city, for all front-end / UI engineers on core & advanced(object oriented) level javascript concepts, along with all latest javascript frameworks like AngularJS, NodeJs, emberJs, TypeScript, ReactJs technologies by experts.

How can you subscribe to JavaScripters community?

We have created multiple channels for JavaScripters to subscribe with us, we are everywhere on the web and mobile.

Why we need JavaScripters community?

Nowadays front-end engineering keeps growing, every day new frameworks and technical approaches have as been introduced.
It is very difficult to get hands on experience and knowledge on latest front-end technologies.
Sometimes engineers adopted latest technologies but don’t know how to implement code by considering best coding practices, and few engineers might have confusion in their mind about some core concepts & it’s usage. Off-course all passionate engineers want to clear their technical concepts and interested to become expert/master in this area, so we are here to provide them a big platform for sharing and gaining knowledge.

Who can contribute as a mentor?

Mentor are the candidates who are the expert in a group who can help to JavaScripters community members to solve their technical queries and suggest them best practices too.
Mentors are always ready to help speakers to evaluate the session PPT before the session and proactively engaged to conduct sessions successfully.

Who can contribute as speaker?

Speaker will be the key member of the community who delivers his/her best knowledge to the community by conducting technical sessions, training, and technical debates activities.
We encourage new speakers to join our team and grab the opportunity to deliver his best knowledge by using our knowledge sharing platform & stage.

Who can contribute as a volunteer?

The volunteers are the passionate UI/Front-end engineers who are willing to become mentor/speaker and help mentors and speakers to conduct the events and all community activities.